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Ovus Partners 360 designs and installs custom net-zero energy platforms for commercial real estate projects.  Our approach is holistic, transformative, and carbon free.  Through our cutting-edge processes, buildings produce as much energy as they use in one calendar year.

We view the repositioning of a building as the ultimate sustainable act.  Equally satisfying to our clients is the value enhancement their assets experience when turning net-zero.  Our goal is to perfectly blend profit motives with environmental consciousness.

Generally, buildings reduce their energy costs about 20% in the first year after installation.  The savings escalate from that point forward.

Ground-up development scenarios benefit from our platform equally well as retrofits.  Construction budgets are reduced 10% to 20%, depending on overall energy requirements.

There are no out-of-pocket costs to clients.

Ovus Partners 360 principals have deep backgrounds in sustainable systems design, renewable energy, and all aspects of commercial real estate.  Whatever your objective may be, we understand how to achieve it.

Transforming the built-world.  One project at a time.