Energy Platform

Ovus Partners 360 net-zero energy platforms are location specific. Design and installation are determined by the overall composition of a standing building or naked construction site.


Initially, the existing carbon footprint and corresponding demand for energy is reduced as much as possible. The remaining power void is filled by a synergistic blend of renewable energy elements.

Our long-standing relationships with technology companies, manufacturers, and engineers enable our energy platforms to perform at the highest levels of efficiency with the lowest possible carbon emissions.

Some of the technologies we employ include: LED lighting, sensor controls, skylights, daylighting, ground loop geo-thermal, various wind technologies, solar-thermal, solar photo-voltaic (including energy-glass), and energy storage.

Renewable energy is in a period of continuous advancement. Our platforms are always weighing the latest opportunities from a design and purchasing viewpoint.

Maintenance and equipment repair are included. The amount of energy savings is contractually guaranteed.

From the first to the last moment. We stand with you.


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